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Incorporation project in the production process with the creation of the MCFPF (Mini Central Fillers and Products Finishers) . It is an invention in the process.


With the innovation in the process it was possible to innovate in the organization, the marketing and the product. With these innovations it was possible to meet the necessary bases and purposes for an industry 4.0, being the first industry of the world 4.0 in our segment.
The project is part of a business strategy aimed at creating franchises. The insertion of the new production process will improve competitiveness in relation to large industries.

Description of Projectidea

The relationship between the ERA - MIN program and the BIOCERR company is that both are based on the circular economy. BIOCERR has a project that is in the phase of implementation and is a transnational project of research development and innovation in the area of industrial minerals.

We are a chemical industry of sanitizing domissanitaria, we produce biodegradable cleaning products. Our invention is in the process with the creation of MCFPF (Mini Central Fillers and Products Finishers), with this innovation in the process we have been able to innovate in the organization, the marketing and the product with these innovations we can reach the bases and purposes of an industry 4.0 (advanced manufacturing).

Our focus is on the production, supply, consumption and reuse of raw materials in a sustainable way, thus reaching the concept of a circular economy.

Our industrialization is geared toward higher productivity by reducing waste and not allowing our customers to dispose of trash with the packaging. We utilize eco-efficient processes that allow us to correct harmful technological routes previously used for environmental preservation also give our customers the option to customize their products. With these guidelines we are the first 4.0 industry in the world in our segment and we are pioneers of the 4th industrial revolution.

The project is to incorporate into the productive process an element of productive modernization by the adoption / invention of the MCFPF (Mini Central Fillers and Products Finishers). The proposal itself consists of modernizing the production process and is an innovation.

The project is part of a business strategy aimed at creating franchises. The insertion of the new production process will improve competitiveness in relation to large industries. The franchise format through MCFPF is the first in the world in its segment.

The model consists of the division of production into two parts, the first part will be made in the parent industry where the product will be concentrated and sent to another establishment that will complete the process of finalizing the product and will be close to the customer doing the direct sales, with this , Will occur to the creation of sanitizing MCFPF, which will finish the products, but with some differences, the MCFPF will homogenize, potting and will be responsible in a new process where the consumer chooses the color and aroma of their products by customizing it ( Detergent, multipurpose, glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner, lava linen and softener), the work is done with 5L mini returnable reservoirs to not generate garbage. The MCFPF will work on a tripod, it is a chemical industry (subsidiary), it is a product personalizer and recharging station

The expected impacts are the same as any industrial revolution, which is the market rupture. In specific are: new business model; the evolution of the concept of packaging for mini returnable reservoirs; product customization; product design for greater efficiency in use, increased durability and replacement of critical material; efficiency in its eco-efficient intensive processes, remanufacturing and employment of information technology and communication; reverse logistic; Social acceptance; Method for environmental impact assessment.

Consortium of partners, already involved

We currently have FINEP as a partner, with the funding of inovacred approved. We have other institutions that validated the merit of the project.

Partners sought to complete the consortium

Partner will be responsible for the process of complete automation of the company, co-investor and will also make the internationalization of innovation.


Systemic eco-innovative approaches for the circular economy: large-scale demonstration projects (a) Design for circular value and supply chains (IA)
Recovery of raw materials from End-of-life products (ERA-MIN Joint Call 2)
New business models (ERA-MIN Joint Call 2)


Darlan Santos de Alencar Junior
BIOCERR - Biodegradable Cerrado - Chemical cleaning products industry
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