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Creative ways of tackling urban climate issues

“The Climartist Collective”
This project brings together three initiatives led by creative practitioners; the Laboratory for Microclimates (The Netherlands), Food in the Streets (Italy) and Soil City (Scotland).

Climate change related issues are a central topic in our artistic practices, particularly urban green space and food production. Common pan-European art projects were; A Growing Exchange; a research project on the social aspects of urban agriculture in Glasgow and The Hague, Expo Milano 2015 presentation of Good Food Microclimates.

More recently we have found that water and heat related problems in cities keep arising as an urgent topic. Through cooperative art projects with civilians, municipalities, universities and stakeholders we create solutions to address climate related issues.

The ‘Climartist Collective’ is engaging with increasing municipal climate change related issues and offer artistic interventions which aim to raise awareness and have a practical impact, both on the design and use of the urban space as well on its potential to deal with food, urban heat island and rainwater problems.

The ‘Climartist Collective’ compares and exchanges ideas and develop and produce potential solutions. These artistic solutions include designing art installations that can be adapted to the needs of different cities / locations and create tools that enable communities to design their own common spaces adapted to climate management in order to make these cities more resilient. The ‘Climartist Collective’ is closely connected to the researchers of the Wageningen University in the Netherlands for scientific resources.
The different areas of expertise of the collective are:

● Art & Design
● Urban planning
● Awareness raising of climate issues
● Stimulating social engagement

Climate management will influence increasingly the way we have to design and live our cities. Therefore the ‘Climartist Collective’ brings together explorations in Glasgow, The Hague and Milan to investigate differences and similarities regarding climate in these and other cities.

The ‘Climartist Collective’: for a different vision on solving climate issues


Supporting international cooperation activities on water (CSA)
Demonstrating innovative nature-based solutions in cities (a) Demonstrating innovative nature-based solutions for climate and water resilience in cities (IA)
Widening international cooperation activities on climate adaptation and mitigation (CSA)


artist Annechien Meier
The Laboratory for Microclimates
Spijkermakersstraat, 18
2512 ES ‘s-Gravenhage
Phone: 0648543412
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Responsible NCP

M.Sc. John Heynen
Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)