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Cultural heritage based rural sustainable economic development


Rapid urbanization and hi-carbon spatial urban growth threatens rural livelihoods, creates migration pressure on Turkish rural population. Similarly, this is commodifying nature areas, encroaching on valuable agricultural land, decimating bio-diversity. The global market which the country has rapidly integrated, has lowered incomes for rural households dramatically. The need for a sustainable development model, safeguarding natural assets while increasing rural incomes is immediate.

Description of Projectidea

Bursa is one of the prototypes of the above mentioned metropolitan centers in Turkey. Home to Turkey‘s dynamic automotive and textile industries, the city has seen rapid growth in population, over and above Turkish avarages, due mainly to its ability to create employment. Nilüfer is the largest sub-municipality in Bursa with a population close to 400.000 demonstrating a population growth of 13% between 1990-2000 and again ~ 6% between 2000-2007 . The administrative area of the city is ~ 50.000 hectares. The Nilüfer river waterway and lake Apollon are under threat of urban pollution and sprawl, nature areas are under pressure and climate change is likely to create severe problems for these assets. A fertile river basin, the rural population is under dramatic pressure, villages strained to protect livelihoods. Many culture and nature reserves are threatened by the expansion also. Although local government has a several plans and attempts to stem the tide, a strong new sustainable development plan, based on rural economical development is needed.
The city government of Nilüfer, i.e Nilüfer Municipality, would like to participate in a consortium as a "replicator city" , learn from the experience of European cities an create a feasible plan of sustainable development while safeguarding cultural and natural heritage of the rural hinterland of the city.

Consortium of partners, already involved

Nilüfer Municipality : main Turkish partner to implement the plan
Demir Enerji: Turkish partner with EU project experience to collaborate closely with the Municipality

Partners sought to complete the consortium

A consortium of partners is sought to complete the requirements for the EU, including a coordinator for the consortium.


Cultural heritage as a driver for sustainable growth (a) Heritage-led urban regeneration (IA)


Dr. mehmet baha kuban
Demir Enerji
Barbaros Mah. Tophanelioglu Cd., No.74, Blok I, D.18, Uskudar
34662 istanbul
Phone: +90 216 428 7669
Organisation: Others

Responsible NCP

The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK)