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Partner offer (competences/expertise)

topics: SC5-14b-2017 & SC5-14c-2017
- Application of Biotechnology in Environmental Engineering, closely related to bio- and hydro-metallurgical processes, focused on metal recovery from wastes. An example of recent activity is the development of sulphate-reducing bioreactors for the treatment of metal-bearing industrial wastewater. These systems are mature enough to be a part of a process at pilot scale.
- Characterisation of high-risk wastes and development of new treatment technologies. An example of recent activity is the characterisation of the sludge produced in a sulphate-reducing bioreactor, treating metal-bearing wastewater, aiming at the proposal of a metal recovery process. Moreover, metal recovery processes from the solid byproducts (i.e. sludge) and low-grade ores may also be applied at pilot scale as part of an integrated scheme.

topic: SC5-02-2017
- Sources, long-range transport, characterisation of composition and deposition of atmospheric aerosols and pollutants. An example of recent activity is the mass closure and source apportionment of fine atmospheric particulate matter in urban environment. The chemical composition of fine atmospheric particulate matter and the relative contribution of soluble species and highly radiation-absorbing components in their mass play key roles on atmospheric modelling for climate prediction systems.

Concerning all the above topics, recent publications can be found at:


Integrated European regional modelling and climate prediction system (RIA)
Raw materials Innovation actions (b) Processing of lower grade and/or complex primary and/or secondary raw materials in the most sustainable ways (IA)
Raw materials Innovation actions (c) Sustainable metallurgical processes (IA)


Associate Professor Emmanouella Remoundaki
National Technical Univeristy of Athens, School of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering
Heroon Polytechniou 9
15780 Zografos
Phone: +302107722173
Organisation: Higher Education

Responsible NCP

Dr. Elias Lymperopoulos