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Partner offer (competences/expertise)

Umweltbundesamt (environment agency Austria) has 400 experts working in 55 disciplines (climate, water, biodiversity, energy, Transport, waste etc.). Experts are part of the Austrian Delegation at the international climate conferences (COPs). We are partner of the European Topic Center on Air Pollution and Climate Change Mitigation of the European Environment Agency and have won and managed several Service contracts for the European Commission in the field of greenhouse gas inventories and climate change mitigation measures. We analyse the political situation before each COP for the European Parliament and the low carbon development strategies of the EU member states. Our experts develop climate change mitigation programs for our costumers and assess the impact of climate change mitigation measures.


Towards a robust and comprehensive greenhouse gas verification system (RIA)
Pathways towards the decarbonisation and resilience of the European economy in the timeframe 2030-2050 and beyond (a) Assessment of the global mitigation efforts in the perspective of the long-term climate goal (RIA)
Coordinating and supporting research and innovation actions on the decarbonisation of the EU economy (CSA)


PHD Elisabeth Rigler
Umweltbundesamt GmbH
Spittelauer Lšnde 5
1090 Vienna
Organisation: Others

Responsible NCP

Dr. Michalis Tzatzanis
FFG - Austrian Research Promotion Agency
Telephone:+43 (0)5 7755 - 4405