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Partner offer (competences/expertise)

The "Instituto Madrileño de Investigación y Desarrollo Rural, Agrario y Alimentario" (IMIDRA) is an autonomous organism of the Environmental Counseling, which its main objective is the research in the areas of agriculture, livestock and food. Likewise, it develops activities that allow rural environment development, and transfer of technology and knowledge at different levels, based on the needs of Madrid‘s agriculture and food sectors. The three principal functions and activides of IMIDRA are:

- Research.
- Support to research and rural development.
- Transfer of technology and knowledge.

IMIDRA has farms in several locations at the outskirts of Madrid where these activities are carried out. Agricultural plots, livestock farms, forestry operations, among others, are carried out in the different locations of the institute. Fairs, courses and other activities related to the transfer of knowledge are developed regularly.

The institute is divided in different departments which expertise in their own area as follows:

- General Secretary
- Department of Agroforestry
- Department of Agrifood Research
- Department of Agro-Environmental Research
- Department of Applied Research and Agricultural Extension
- Department of Animal Production
- Department of Transfer

We seek for entities willing to colaborate with in developing investigation projects related to our fields of study by providing them with the infraestructures we own and our research experience. We are specially interested in proposals related to sustainability management, resource and waste management, and energy efficiency.


Water in the context of the circular economy (a) Demonstrating the potential of efficient nutrient recovery from water (IA)
Water in the context of the circular economy (b) Towards the next generation of water systems and services– large scale demonstration projects (IA)


Agro-Environmental Engineer Lucas Anton Losada
C/ Alcalá 16, 1ª planta
28014 Madrid
Phone: +34 914383050
Organisation: Research Organization

Responsible NCP

Juan Carlos Garcia Carrasco