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SERCOBE is the Spanish National Association of Manufacturers of Capital Goods. It represents 120 companies and industrial groups, 4 collective members and 2 special groups, representing more than 400 Spanish companies. Founded in 1964, its membership is open to companies and groups concerned with the design, manufacture, and maintenance erection of capital goods. SERCOBE is a non-profit organization with both national and European dimensions through membership to CONFEMETAL and CEOE, and ORGALIME, respectively.
In essence, SERCOBE has access to the group of manufacturers, engineering firms, assembly firms and end users from Spain and Europe through twin organizations. Main functions of SERCOBE are representing the Capital Good Industry facing Spanish and foreign economic agents and the promotion of competitiveness and exports of capital goods and industrial facilities from Spain.
SERCOBE is able to take responsibility for the successful and widespread dissemination of the results of the projects within the partners and a much wider community, whilst ensuring that the Project IPR protection regime is not compromised.
At European level, SERCOBE has alliances with twin organizations in EU Member States is guaranteed by SERCOBE membership to ORGALIME, the European Federation of Engineering Industries.
Requirement of progress in quality and competitiveness of the products and services is a constant aim in the work of SERCOBE. A continued activity has been developed with this purpose, supporting R+D+I, quality of production, safety and environmental protection.
SERCOBE is also founder of the Spanish standardization organization AENOR since 1986 and manages the secretariat of a wide set of technical committees in the engineering industry. This vast experience in standardization enables SERCOBE to provide the necessary knowledge into any project consortium in the field of the engineering industry.
SERCOBE has participated in a SME-AG Project named SOLEGLASS (All Glass Mid Temperature Direct Flow Thermal Solar Vacuum Tube) of the FP7. This project started in 2011 and in it SERCOBE performed the role of the SME-AG partner responsible for Dissemination and Visibility activities. SERCOBE coordinated dissemination activities within the project but proactively organizing intense dissemination of the results among SERCOBE members and area of its reach. SERCOBE assisted as well in the IPR and Cooperation development. SERCOBE participated too in the Project management and Consortia management during the whole duration of the project.
Nowadays we are participating in a FoF Project since 2015 called HORSE which proposes a new flexible model of Smart Factory involving collaboration of humans, robots, AGV’s (Autonomous Guided Vehicles) and machinery to realize industrial tasks in a efficient manner. HORSE aims to foster advanced manufacturing technology deployment by industries and especially SMEs.


Raw materials policy support actions (b) Good practice in waste collection systems (CSA)
Product design for critical materials substitution (ERA-MIN Joint Call 2)
Increase resource efficiency through recycling of residues or remanufacturing (ERA-MIN Joint Call 2)


28020 MADRID
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Juan Carlos Garcia Carrasco