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Partner offer (competences/expertise)

The group is experienced on clean and sustainable production of raw materials from primary and/or secondary sources. It is intended to cooperate for the development of more efficient and/or novel systems for better recovery of minerals and metals from low grade and/or complex ores, and wastes. The next contribution will be to develop innovative metallurgical systems integrating pyrometallurgical, hydrometallurgical and/or electrometallurgical-electrochemical technologies, especially to enhance the production efficiency, metal recovery and selectivity from primary and/or secondary raw materials.
The group especially focuses on the following research: Chemical Metallurgy (Raw materials -ores, concentrates, scraps, reused / recycled materials-, ore dressing, scrap classification, comminution, fracture mechanisms, energy and power requirements, liberation, machine selection -crushers, grinders-, mineral separation, particle settling phenomena, classification, hydrocyclones, screening, gravity concentration, separation, flotation chemistry, filtration, thermal drying, evaporation, technological applications in pyrometallurgy, roasting processes, selective vaporization, selective decomposition, calcination. slag forming and smelting, matte forming and smelting, reduction, metallothermic reductions, pyrometallurgical rafination operations, self-propagating high temperature synthesis, technological applications in hydrometallurgy, dissolution operations, leaching processes, solution processing, crystallization. precipitation, solvent extraction, technological applications in electrometallurgy, cementation, molten salt electrolysis) and Environmental Metallurgy (environment, environmental protection, toxicology, solid wastes -primary and secondary- produced during metallurgical operations, and solid, liquid, and gaseous wastes form during the production of metals, waste management, engineering ethics in designing zero-waste processes, minimization of the damages caused by the metallurgical processes to the environment, development of energy efficient techniques, indirect environmental pollution related with the energy utilization in metallurgical production processes, recycling.


Raw materials Innovation actions (b) Processing of lower grade and/or complex primary and/or secondary raw materials in the most sustainable ways (IA)
Raw materials Innovation actions (c) Sustainable metallurgical processes (IA)
Recovery of raw materials from End-of-life products (ERA-MIN Joint Call 2)


Assist. Prof. Dr. M. Seref Sonmez
Istanbul Technical University
Ayazaga Campuss
34469 Istanbul
Homepage: http://
Organisation: Research Organization

Responsible NCP

The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK)