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Partner offer (competences/expertise)

We have participated in several projects related to Environmental Evaluations and Diagnostics, Studies of Environmental Impact Assessment, and the use of life cycle assessment approach (LCA) to assess recovery of by-products and environmental kidness of a product/process. For instance we have developed ECOCEM, a tool that evaluates the environmental and economic impacts related to each and every phase of the cement manufacturing process. We have applied LCA approach in a project for recycling and recovering wastes in the metal industry. We have inventoried the organic wastes of Biscay. And EKOTEK participate in the design and implementation of a waste to energy plasma gasification plant (EUREKA project). I kindly invite you to visit our website:


Systemic eco-innovative approaches for the circular economy: large-scale demonstration projects (a) Design for circular value and supply chains (IA)


Engineer Beatriz Corral
Polígono Industrial Ribera de Axpe. c/ Ribera de Axpe, 11 Edificio D1 Planta 2º
48950 Erandio
Phone: +349029998368
Organisation: Industrial SME

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