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Partner offer (competences/expertise)

An important part of international projects including EU TEMPUS and PHARE the university has extensive research background on history of mining, study of transboundary effects of mining industry and the evolution in time of the collaboration between neighbor countries, the impact of mining activity in the evolution of human population and natural resources. The continuing higher education training programs to meet specific needs in both Romania and international are designed to meet customer demands in a range of areas including mining and mineral technologies, environmental technology and management.
Key personal includes Dr Ioan BUD - expert engineer (professor at the Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mineral Resources Engineering, Materials and Environment), specialized in mining security and environment at National Mining School from Ales, France, expert consultant in mining safety, geotechnical mining, mining closure and physical/chemical stability of mining waste, industrial blasting methods, underground water management.
Dr Simona DUMA - expert engineer (associate professor at the same faculty and department), specialized in mining security and environment at National Mining School from Ales, France, expert consultant in project management, mining transport optimisation, mining tourism promotion, survey research, publishing and communication, as well as marketing and public relations.
Dr Ioan PASCA - associate professor at the same faculty and department, specialized in mining exploitation, geological hazards, mining drainage, mineral processing, etc.
Dr Dorel GUSAT - assist. prof. at the Faculty of Engineering, engineer in mining exploitation, specialized in geomechanics and computer modelling at Freiberg Academy of Mining, Germany, data mining, IT & CAD, underground mining climate and ventilation
The North University Center of Baia Mare offer a material base possible to deploy which create conditions to follow and develop all activities in the project and our proposed team benefit of the university staff support and is in a good relation and collaboration with industrial area, local community and authorities.
Qualification of the team
Research field at the Faculty of Engineering, Department of mineral resources engineering, materials and environment, includes large domains and the experience achieved in other similar EU project assures the experience and the competence to contribute in important measure to the success of the project. Several important EU projects contributed to our experience in team work and project development and management.
The research team has a specific name in an European partnership occasioned by CELMIN project (ERAMIN first call): „Green Mining” team
The research interest cover scientific disciplines in a wide range. Basically, the research staff has a mining engineering, geological or environmental protection formation with different specializations: rock mechanics, underground constructions and tailing dam stability, pollutants in mining industry, blasting and explosives, underground mining transport, water management, environmental protection, mining design, management in mining engineering, etc.
Green Mining team is looking for European academic and industrial organisations partners, as partner or coordinator in the proposed frame, specially in the domain of exploitation of nonmetallic substances, nonferrous ores, mine closure and rehabilitation.


Exploration (ERA-MIN 2 Joint Call)
Mining operations (ERA-MIN 2 Joint Call)
Mine closure and reclamation (ERA-MIN Joint Call 2)


Asist. prof. PhD Dorel Gusat
North University Center of Baia Mare
Dr. Victor Babes 62/A
430034 Baia Mare
Phone: +40721969787
Organisation: Higher Education