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Partner offer (competences/expertise)

Our objective is the efficient use of renewable raw materials in the framework of sustainable development. This thematic researches focus on the analysis of building and composite materials. Besides the thermal, mechanical and hydric characterization of materials, formulation, durability and behaviors are studied. Our expertise is founded both on fundaments of heat and mass transfer and on materials behavior’s characterization.
The laboratory is equipped with numerical tools (COMSOL, TRNSYS, CAST3M …) and large experimental devices to identify the mechanical, thermal and hygric behaviors of building materials at meso and macro scales (from small samples to real walls): hydraulic and electro-mechanic Universal Testing Machines (from 50 to 2600 kN in tensile, compression and bending), sorption facility, climatic chamber, thermal devices (assessment of the engineering thermal parameters) and 5 climatic rooms controlled in temperature and relative humidity (in dynamic and steady states) to identify the coupled thermo-hygric behavior of real walls (2x2m). The ventilation rate and the CO2 concentration can also be controlled to assess the indoor air quality.


Product design for increased raw material efficiency (ERA-MIN Joint Call 2)
Product design for critical materials substitution (ERA-MIN Joint Call 2)
Increase resource efficiency in resource intensive production processes (ERA-MIN Joint Call 2)


Associate Professor Geoffrey PROMIS
UniversitÚ de Picardie Jules Verne - Laboratoire des Technologies Innovantes
IUT GC, Avenue des facultÚs - Le Bailly
80025 Amiens Cedex
Phone: +33322534016
Organisation: Higher Education