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Partner offer (competences/expertise)

- Monitoring and commenting on European and national policy and legislation, and mobilizing citizens and NGOs to engage in policy development.
- Fostering communication, collaboration, and information-sharing among network members and allies.
- Supporting the development of local and national Zero Waste movements and awareness-raising, behaviour-shifting projects and initiatives.
- Undertaking research, convening briefings and events, and publishing reports and case studies.
- Networking and supporting the work of Zero Waste municipalities.
- Engaging with business and industry to promote innovative retail and production strategies that reduce waste and support better product design.
- Engaging in communication and public education strategies that promote Zero Waste principles and practices.
- Convening trainings, study tours, and skill shares to disseminate best practices.
- Monitoring EU policy and financial impact on waste and climate policy and practice globally.

We are leading on a EU LIFE project and partner in several other EU funded projects such as LIFE actions grant "Eco-Pulplast" and EACEA "Town to Town, People to People - Building a European Culture of Zero Waste".


Systemic eco-innovative approaches for the circular economy: large-scale demonstration projects (b) Systemic services for the circular economy (IA)
Raw materials policy support actions (b) Good practice in waste collection systems (CSA)
Macro-economic and societal benefits from creating new markets in a circular economy (CSA)


Janek Vahk
Zero Waste Europe
Rue de la Pepiniere 1,
B1000, Brussels Brussels
Phone: +32493553779
Organisation: societal stakeholder (local authority, hospital, school, NGO)

Responsible NCP