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Partner offer (competences/expertise)

The Nimbus Centre at Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) is a leader in the ‘Internet of Things’ and embedded system design; interconnecting systems of sensors, computers, and controllers with wireless communications. The Centre creates ‘end-to-end’ solutions in hardware to cloud applications, with extensive expertise in prototype development, hardware system design, sensor embedded firmware, software for applications, big data analysis, model predictive control, and wireless sensors systems.

The Water Systems and Services Innovation Centre (WSSIC), located within the Nimbus Centre, is a joint venture between Cork City and County Councils and CIT, and was established to address Ireland’s water-related challenges. WSSIC creates an expert resource in modernizing the water infrastructure by taking advantage of Nimbus’ technological knowledge and leveraging both Councils’ experience in water resource operation. WSSIC harnesses state-of-the-art ICT/IoT technology concepts for water quality monitoring, real-time water metering, leakage reporting, remote monitoring, improving water/wastewater treatment efficiencies and much more.

WSSIC has direct access to a real-world test bed cluster called Litmus. Infrastructure available within Litmus include raw water storage facilities, water and wastewater networks, and water and wastewater treatment plant ‘living laboratories’ of varying capacities, located in Cork and throughout Ireland. Nimbus can demonstrate, trial, test, and process prove innovative technologies in these test bed facilities.

There is approximately 100 staff at the Nimbus Centre including researchers, scientists and engineers with extensive industrial experience, research and academic staff and students. WSSIC not only have access to the outstanding Nimbus team, but also have a dedicated knowledgeable water team consisting of engineers and scientists with exceptionally strong combined water/wastewater industry experience.

How WSSIC/Nimbus can contribute to H2020 SC5 ‘SCC-02a-2016: Demonstrating innovative nature-based solutions for climate and water resilience in cities’:

Local, City, Regional Authority involvement as leading and following cities - Technology trialing facilities can be established through Litmus. The WSSIC has direct access to a real-world test-bed cluster called Litmus; a public facility developed by Cork City Council, Cork County Council and Cork Institute of Technology, was established to develop, test, trial and demonstrate applications, products and services. The test-bed suite is available to industry and academia to trial and explore new technology and applications in a real-life environment. Innovative technology is trialled before commercial roll-out, allowing innovators to test concepts, obtain feedback and adapt ideas accordingly.

Social Sciences – Nimbus Behavioral/Social Science staff can facilitate participatory, community-based approaches including co-design and co-implementation, as well as addressing acceptance issues.

ICT/Digital Technology – Nimbus/WSSIC could develop and lead a work package to meet the ICT/digital requirements of this call. Nimbus could establish long-term sustainable data platforms and to deploy appropriate state-of-the-art digital technologies, ICT/IoT, and innovative communication strategies and tools securing open access along data infrastructures and a continuous building up of the ‘knowledge portfolio‘ through future activities under Horizon 2020.


Demonstrating innovative nature-based solutions in cities (a) Demonstrating innovative nature-based solutions for climate and water resilience in cities (IA)


Researcher Aoife Moloney
Water Systems and Services Innovation Centre, The Nimbus Centre
Cork Institute of Technology, Bishopstown
Cork Cork
Phone: +353 21 4335190
Organisation: Research Organization

Responsible NCP

Alice Wemaere
Environmental Protection Agency
Telephone:+353 1 268 0146