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Partner offer (competences/expertise)

We are interested in becoming a partner in a consortium for this bid. Our team consists of an international interdisciplinary team of researchers from Denmark, Sweden, & Ireland with partners from Canada, The AtlantOs project and Google Earth Engine. Our team offers a Pan Arctic Net Ecosystem Exchange model (PANEEx) delivering high spatial and temporal resolution NEE data across the Arctic using a combination of Earth Observations and in-situ measurements. PANEEx is implemented in Google Earth Engine. The integration of PANEEx within a consortium will aid development of effective monitoring methods to improve understanding of the Arctic climate system and ecosystem change. These are important prerequisites for effectively assessing climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies in the Arctic. Our team has excellent experience in Arctic research. We have extensive experience with EU-funded projects (FP7, Marie-Curie and Horizon2020) and NSF funding in the USA. We can contribute significantly to the call topic and deliver impact in several areas including:
1. Increasing the temporal, geographic coverage and usefulness of observational data in the Arctic aiding improvement of assessment and prediction capacity across the Arctic. Integration of ESA Sentinel data within PANEEx may provide near-real time ecosystem monitoring.
2. The PANEEx model can improve a sustained integration of space-based and in-situ Arctic observations with increased temporal and spatial resolution, particularly when Sentinel-1, 2 and 3 are in full operation. Offers cost effective benefits to Copernicus monitoring and climate change services.
3. Contribution to the long-term improvement of Arctic observation systems.
4. Strong potential for integration of PANEEx outputs with existing pan-Arctic monitoring networks.
5. The PANEEx model incorporates free EO data improving the cost-effectiveness of data collection in support of Arctic-related economic and societal activities
6. Contribution to the WMO Programme Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP) and Theme 1 of the Global Carbon project.
7. Several PANEEx researchers are at an early stage in their research career; therefore inclusion will enhance their professional skills & competences and build European research capacity.
8. PANEEx includes researchers from Sweden, Denmark, Ireland & Canada with partner links to the EU Horizon2020 AtlantOs project and an industry partnership with Google Earth Engine.
Experience and Skills Relevant to the Call/Topic:
World leading Principal Investigators, early career researchers, links to the AtlantOs project and industry partners who are keen to contribute:
• Prof. Torben Christensen – Lund University, Sweden. Arctic & Subarctic terrestrial feedbacks to climate. Co-ordinator of the Nordic Centre of Excellence DEFROST (2010-2015).
• Dr. John Connolly – St. Patrick’s College, DCU, Ireland. Earth Observation, GIS, northern peatland carbon dynamics. Marie Curie IEF (2012-2014).
• Dr. Magnus Lund – Researcher, Aarhus University, Denmark. Greenhouse Gas flux northern Peatlands.
• Dr. Herbert N. Mbufong – Researcher, Aarhus University, Denmark. Arctic Ecosystem Ecology.
• Dr. Mikkel Tamstorf - Aarhus University, Denmark. Arctic Ecosystem Ecology.
• Dr. Andreas Persson – Lund University, Sweden. Hydrology, remote sensing, GIS and Subarctic.
• AtlantOs Partner: Dr. Brian Ward – School of Physics, NUIG, Ireland. Consortium Member in WP1; WP3; WP6 & WP9.
• Canadian Partner: Prof. Nigel Roulet – McGill University, Canada. Climate, hydrology & biogeochemical cycles in northern ecosystems.
• Industry Partner: David Thau - senior developer, Google Earth Engine. Computer Science, software development and geospatial processing.


An integrated Arctic observing system (RIA)


Dr. John Connolly
DCU ST. Patrick‘s College
Drumcondra Rd.
Dublin 9 Dublin
Phone: +35318842136
Organisation: Higher Education

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Alice Wemaere
Environmental Protection Agency
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