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Partner offer (competences/expertise)

The goal of the initiative "new life Traditions" is to learn to practice biodynamic vegetable crops traditional, adapting to climate change.
We are looking for people willing to self-employment CoLab climate, functional ecosystem services, non-profit.

Farm Fontana Buna can support, and be used as a natural base.

Features: 3 rooms, 5 hectares Park, chestnut trees forest, herd of Buffalo, horses, and other public locations lab.

Public places: rent, where we look for solutions to climate change adaptation, and restocking depleted areas, by four years, working the soil, make it rich, sow, and collect and apply Permaculture.

like we‘re not included in local politics, therefore the public stay away from the topic, social cohesion and wellbeing.

We are abandoning the use of machines, to be accepted by the biodiversity, we work with it! Biodiversity and our fellow officer!

Our crop is a natural product, and shareable because Earth has us in the form of gift.


Pathways towards the decarbonisation and resilience of the European economy in the timeframe 2030-2050 and beyond (a) Assessment of the global mitigation efforts in the perspective of the long-term climate goal (RIA)
Preparing for pre-commercial procurement (PCP) and/or public procurement of innovative solutions (PPI) in support of climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials (CSA)
Boosting the potential of small businesses in the areas and priorities of Societal Challenge 5 (SME Instr.)


Simone Muffolini
Fontana Buna
Via Case sparse
25060 Tavernole sul Mella
Homepage: http://
Organisation: societal stakeholder (local authority, hospital, school, NGO)

Responsible NCP

NPC SC5 Matteo Di Rosa
Telephone:+39 0648939993