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Partner offer (competences/expertise)

We are a group of 4 Dutch partners, independent consultant Miriam Staal, who holds a PhD in policy science, the Municipality of Zaanstad, Delft University of Technology, department of urban planning, and urban planning consultancy ILINQ, interested in cooperating in a consortium for the Horizon2020 call SC5-21-Cultural Heritage as a driver for sustainable growth. We have expertise to offer on transition management, governance and participatory processes, sustainable energy and sustainable urban planning/revitalisation. Interested parties can contact us through Miriam Staal-Cuppen, PhD, (independent consultant) +31637179184,

1) The municipality of Zaanstad is part of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, and has many cultural heritage sites from the industrial era within its borders, including the “Zaanse Schans”, a famous monumental site of windmills and small industrial houses. The industrial past of Zaanstad is still very much visible, where houses and factories stand side by side. Simultaneously, Zaanstad is ambitious in its sustainability goals, wanting to become a CO2 neutral city in 2020. The ‘mixing of functions‘ in Zaanstad can be made into an advantage, for example when waste heat and energy from industries is used to supply residential areas and local institutions. Large parts of the housing in Zaanstad are dilapidated, and need to be restored. In meeting this challenge, Zaanstad wants to incorporate sustainability concepts and simultaneously preserve the historic significance of the area.

2) ILINQ has an interdisciplinary approach in strategy consultancy, architecture and (building services) engineering. We translate social and spatial challenges in sustainable solutions. With a specific chosen balance in People. Planet, Prosperity and Participation we formulate visions and strategies for creations that sometimes we initiate ourselves. iLINQ also invests in society by development and sharing of knowledge. We strongly believe in people as connectors of knowledge, talent and initiatives during cooperation. The visions of Horizon2020 and iLINQ overlap perfectly.
iLINQ is currently active in a number of interesting projects in the Arab world and The Netherlands in which the conservation and revitalization of cultural heritage is combined with sustainability goals. For instance in the sustainable conservation of a monumental Suq in Manama, Bahrain. This is the largest project of its kind in the Arab Gulf. Together with our partners we designed concepts that improves the climate comfort and minimises the footprint of this monumental building. Goal is to upscale this approach to the total Suq neighbourhood.
iLINQ would like to interact and cooperate with other international projects to ensure the value of sustainable cultural heritage for the future of our society.
3) TU Delft, department of Urban planning, cultural heritage research group. The Delft University of Technology Delft is a top ranking university specialized in sustainable development, urban planning and cultural heritage. This research group is especially interested in the function of cultural heritage as a definer of a landscape and how this can be used strategically in urban planning issues.


Cultural heritage as a driver for sustainable growth (a) Heritage-led urban regeneration (IA)
Cultural heritage as a driver for sustainable growth (b) Heritage-led rural regeneration (IA)
Boosting the potential of small businesses in the areas and priorities of Societal Challenge 5 (SME Instr.)


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