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Partner offer (competences/expertise)

Centro Andaluz de Innovación y Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones (CITIC) / Andalusian centre of Innovation and Information and Communication Technologies & Centro de Nuevas Tecnologías del Agua (CENTA) / Centre for New Water Technologies are willing to join proposals in the topics above, to which they can contribute thanks to the tool developed together, Scenario-based Water Innovation & Research Laboratory (SWIRL).

SWIRL has been designed to assess new and potential management scenarios related to water resources, such as the land use and water management practices and policies. Every water management action is related to an impact over landscape and plenty of land practices have an impact over water resources, and they can be studied with SWIRL using the data collected from the water resources. Hence, the management of natural resources must consider every dimension of water and land, and incorporating this ecosystem approach. In order to address such challenges, we need tools designed to improve the decision making process; capable of ex-post and ex-ante analysis, comprising all sort of environmental, social and economic variables, such as SWIRL.

SWIRL is a virtual research environment, i.e. a workbench of IT tools and online laboratories developed to provide insight of the existing processes and practices in water management. To do so, SWIRL makes use of a database feeding from more than 2000 sources, ranging from River Basin Organization to geospatial and environmental databases. Data treatment and analysis is provided through several open source tools, displayed at several levels: statistics, geospatial and modelling. These capabilities are provided, for instance, through Pentaho pre-designed reports, SpagoBI customizable business analytics, and GIS analytics though GeoView and 52North. Likewise, statistical and geospatial analysis, but also modelling as well, are provided by the R-Studio and R-Shiny packages embedded within SWIRL.

Therefore, SWIRL is designed as a tool for researchers aimed to improve water policy, management and the decision making process, while it can be easily adapted to the requirements of any dataset and research field. It is a platform for scientific collaboration that provides robust science, through the use of accessible, multidisciplinary and traceable data, transparency and replicability of tests, and the standardization and definition of protocols. Whereas SWIRL has these capabilities fully implemented, the goal is incorporating new functionalities in the near future.

We are looking for a Consortium preparing a proposal that might be interested either in using the SWIRL as a tool, or else taking advantage from the know-how that CITIC and CENTA hold in the development of complex technology platforms (dealing with large data volumes, statistics and simulations), provided that it will definitively help to achieve the expected results of:
• improve knowledge of land and water resource availability and use at various geographic scales;
• improve decision support tools for the management of land and water resources; and
• provide a coherent and integrated policy framework for the management of natural resources at regional / national / EU levels.

A demo of SWIRL is available:


Water in the context of the circular economy (a) Demonstrating the potential of efficient nutrient recovery from water (IA)
Water in the context of the circular economy (b) Towards the next generation of water systems and services– large scale demonstration projects (IA)
Integrated European regional modelling and climate prediction system (RIA)


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