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An Italian company operates for over a decade in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and more generally, in the field of geo-spatial computer applications, developing custom projects for every need and every client. The company’s mission is that of creating specialized solutions aimed to the integration of geographic and spatial information in company information systems, at any scale and level of detail, contributing to the greater competitiveness of its clients. The company works especially on integration between GIS and other advanced technologies, such as GPS (Global Positioning System), RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), and dedicated systems existing in some market areas: environment, utilities, transportation, modeling and so on.

Analysis, design and achievement of graphic and alphanumeric databases. Services of product and application deployment, application management, and user training GESP aims to design and provide the best solution for any application including (but not limited to) Utilities (i.e. waterworks, sewers, electricity, telecommunications, oil & gas, etc.), Environment, Art & Cultural Heritage, Real Estate, Land-Use & Urban Planning, Transportation, Hazard Management and Vulnerability Assessment, Geo-Marketing, Agriculture, and other sectors where the territorial component is essential. This knowledge is provided to: Industry, Central & Local Public Administrations, Services companies, IT vendors, Professional training bodies, Universities and Research Centres, etc

GESP has extensive experience in project coordinator and partner in several countries and projects.

More the more relevant experiences are:
- World Bank - Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Kenya, 2013: Natural Resources Management Project: Developing GIS and carrying out surveying and mapping for Natural Resources Management Project in Kenya.
- EU funded Project - Government of the Republic of Malawi, Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, Department of Irrigation, Malawi, 2012: Supply and delivery of survey equipment for Rural Infrastructure Development Programme (RIDP), Component 2 – Capacity Development for the irrigation, Project in Malawi
- USAid-funded contract - OECS Secretariat (Organization of Eastern Caribbean States) on behalf of WASCO (Water & Sewerage Company Inc.), Saint Luci,2012-2014: WATER NETWORK AND CAPACITY MANAGEMENT BY MEANS OF GIS TECHS, Project in Saint Lucia.
- EU-funded contract APA GRUP S.A., Romania, 2006-2007: GIS & MODELLING FOR WATER AND WASTEWATER NETWORK- Lot 3: GIS & Modelling equipment and software
- UNDP funded - Disaster Management Offices of Caribbean Countries (for 11 Caribbean islands), 2011-2012: Provision of Services to Caribbean OCTs. Lot1: GIS and Vulnerability Assessment.


European data hub of the GEOSS information system (RIA)
Demonstrating innovative nature-based solutions in cities (a) Demonstrating innovative nature-based solutions for climate and water resilience in cities (IA)


dr. Francesca Sapio
Viale Scarampo, 47
20148 Milano
Phone: +39 02 33 000 904
Organisation: Industrial SME

Responsible NCP

NPC SC5 Matteo Di Rosa
Telephone:+39 0648939993