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Partner offer (competences/expertise)

The Architectural Design Department of Universidad Europea de Madrid is working as a collaborative platform with other local Universities, associations and professional bodies, together with ENERES, a company specialized in urban restoration and energy efficiency. Our project proposal currently addresses the overlap of existing municipal cleaning or waste management infrastructures with an energy-based interchange protocol between residential and public equipments or equivalent mixed-use aggregations. This protocol will be measured on diverse urban locations, aiming to achieve the maximum range of exportability.
The research team (UEM-Nebrija-ENERES) has the initial support from Madrid municipality, and searches for a possible collaboration with other groups, under the most convenient conditions according to the case.


Demonstrating innovative nature-based solutions in cities (b) Nature-based solutions for inclusive urban regeneration (IA)


PhD Architect NIEVES mestre
Universidad Europea
c/ tajo s/n
28050 madrid
Organisation: Higher Education

Responsible NCP