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This project involves researching the cultural and historical heritage that could be a catalyst for sustainable development in Montenegro. Subject of this research is to take the old Roman road that ran through Podgorica, over the ancient city of Meduna and to the north of Montenegro. Special emphasis is placed on the ancient city of the Roman trav- els Medun, because this is the oldest fortification in the region that provided the very significant way. Given that the old town Medun archaeological poorly trained, the project plans to further archaeological research in the function of tourist valorization of historical and cultural sites. It is also planned to explore other interesting cultural and historical sites of the Roman road that left a significant historical and cultural traces in this area. After exploring the cultural and historical specificities of the Roman road is planned to analyze the possibilities of valorization of these localities in terms of sustainable development. The project will, depending on the quality of explored cultural and historical sites, and determine the best possibilities for their evaluation. Given that the city Medun most important cultural and historical monument in the Roman way, the project is planned for a detailed analysis of tourist valorization of this location, all in the sustainable development field located in an environment of historical monuments. Better valorization of cultural and historical heritage of the city and other localities on the Roman road could serve as a good basis for marketing organic products from rural areas located in the immediate vicinity. Implementation of these products are to further explore the cultural and historical heritage of the Roman road, and thus create the possibility for better sustainable development area located in its environment and society as a whole.


Cultural heritage as a driver for sustainable growth (a) Heritage-led urban regeneration (IA)
Cultural heritage as a driver for sustainable growth (b) Heritage-led rural regeneration (IA)


Petra Zagar
Ministrstvo za izobrazevanje, znanost in sport
Masarykova 16
1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +38614784701
Organisation: Public Body

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Dr. Eva Batista
Ministry of Education, Science and Sport