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Partner offer (competences/expertise)

Our association offers contribution to consortiums in new methods and instruments supporting sustainable governance and management in the world of accelerated change, instabilities and increased complexity. The team implemented basic prototype of novel platform ( enabling digitals transformation of big data streams from large number of data sources in modern complex cyber-physical systems into transparent and simple vision of ongoing social and economic and urban processes and its results.
The powerful technology assists policy makers, businesses, research and educational organizations in monitoring of complex processes, its analysis, benchmarking in real time as well as learning how to cope with modern complexity.
The governance and management at different levels of society becomes easier and more predictable with formulation of policy options based on evidence and simulation of social and economic and responses to such decisions.
The methodology and instrumentation enable consortium in studies, experimentation and demonstration of practical results. By realizing quantifiable sustainability and its vision of ongoing change processes in real time it helps in formulation of principally new approaches to governance corresponding to relevant major international standards of quality management and governance (e.g. ISO 18091, 37150, 37120, ISO 37152, ISO 9001, 14000, 26000, 50001)

We offer practical implementation of the advanced quantifiable sustainability by the combination of large number of indicators and objects in the complex models of interlinked social, economic, environmental, climate, smartifiation and other processes.


Systemic eco-innovative approaches for the circular economy: large-scale demonstration projects (b) Systemic services for the circular economy (IA)
Innovative financing, business and governance models for adaptive re-use of cultural heritage (RIA)
Sustainable Food Security - Resilient and resource-efficient value chains: Earth observation services for the monitoring of agricultural production in Africa (RIA)


MSc Elena Petrova
Association for Sustainable Innovative Development in Economics, Environment and Society (ASIDEES)
1220 Wien
Phone: 4369919473509
Organisation: Others

Responsible NCP

Dr. Michalis Tzatzanis
FFG - Austrian Research Promotion Agency
Telephone:+43 (0)5 7755 - 4405