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Partner offer (competences/expertise)

ACCESS is a National Research Foundation funded consortium of several universities and science councils in South Africa and has an extensive network of research partners both locally and regionally in southern Africa. The consortium undertakes research work in partnership on a range of topics related to earth systems science with a weighting toward to biophysical, but including projects on biological systems and their impacts on society, as well as policy based outcomes.

Here is a word key word cloud: oceanography, atmospheric, ocean-atmosphere interactions, modelling, climate variability, climate change, prediction, forecasting, applications, hydrology, water, coastal systems, vulnerability, risk management, climate services, ecosystem goods and services, livelihoods, biogeochemical cycles, carbon cycles, paleoecology, land cover change, seasons, seasonality.


Exploiting the added value of climate services (a) Demonstration of climate services (IA)
Supporting international cooperation activities on water (CSA)


Dr Neville Sweijd
Alliance for Collaboration on Climate and Earth Systems Science (ACCESS)
Lower Hope
7700 Cape Town
South Africa
Phone: +27-21-6583992
Organisation: Research Organization

Responsible NCP

Kogilam Iyer
South Africa