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Waste water management.
- Highly versatile pilot plant for the treatment of high polluted waste water (500-2000l/h), combining different advanced depuration systems as well as in-line control of the features of the depurated effluent. Already tested to successfully remove compounds such as fats, oils and hydrocarbons, phosphates or PPCPs (Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products) from waste water. Possibility of incorporating new modules with innovative technologies in the field of advanced water depuration.
- Use of bentonites for the obtainment of a heavy metals‘ adsorbent.

In relation to water treatment, it is worth highlighting our experience in European Projects related to the removal of organic pollutants from waste water such as PPCPs (pharmaceutical and personal care products), fats, oils, HCs or phosphates.

SC5-14b-2017 and SC5-14c-2017
- Recovery of raw materials from secondary sources such as WEEEs (Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment) such as HDD (hard disc drives), loudspeakers or discarded FPDs (Flat Panel Displays) or metallurgical slags.
- Refinement and reuse of the recovered elements as raw materials, including Neodymium, Indium, Yttrium among others, which can be re-used in the production of new magnets, in new FPDs and other electronic devices, etc.
Currently coordinating FP7 Project "Development of recovery processes for recycling of valuable components from FPDs (Y, In, Nd) for the production of high added value nanoparticles (RECYVAL-NANO). In this area we are also participating in the H2020 Project "Development of novel, high Performance hybrid TWV/GPF Automotive afteR treatment systems by raTIonAL design: substitution of PGMs and Rare earth materials (PARTIAL-PGMs).
Very active in the participation and coordination of EU Projects and on the preparation of proposals within H2020.

Wide network of contacts among the sector


Water in the context of the circular economy (b) Towards the next generation of water systems and services– large scale demonstration projects (IA)
Raw materials Innovation actions (b) Processing of lower grade and/or complex primary and/or secondary raw materials in the most sustainable ways (IA)
Raw materials Innovation actions (c) Sustainable metallurgical processes (IA)


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