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The Association of Mountain Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria (ADMMRB) is established in the middle of 2006 by an initiative
group consisting of local government representatives, business sector and other persons for solution of problems concerning
heavier climate, economic and social conditions that the mountain municipalities have to develop in. Main objective of the
Association of Mountain Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria is to achieve a change that should bring to bridging the gap
between the economic development of mountain areas and this of the rest of Bulgarian municipalities. The main focuses of the
Association’s work are as follows:
- Forming a National policy targeted to development of mountain areas, incl. adoption of a special Mountain Areas Act;
- Raising the administrative capacity and support to the mountain municipalities in project preparation and absorption of EU
Structural funds;
- Providing of actual information concerning best European and World practices in the field of sustainable development and
innovative approaches in local self-government;
- Cooperation with the European Association of Elected Representatives from Mountainous Areas and other similar organizations in
Bulgaria and abroad;
- Development of active cross-border cooperation with similar organizations on the Balkan Region;
- Creation of an entire program for implementation of above mentioned objectives relevant to the European integration and current
globalization processes.
Briefly, the objective of the Association is, by active involvement in the European integration process to be achieved a balanced and
sustainable economic development of these municipalities. The decision for participation of a municipality in ADMMRB is taken by
the municipal council. It appoints also its representatives in ADMMRB. The structure and activity of the ADMMRB are regulated by its
Charter. The idea is the representatives of mountain municipalities to come together to solve the specific problems resulting from an
objective reality that is common – heavier conditions – both climate and economic – in which the citizens have to work and live.


Cultural heritage as a driver for sustainable growth (a) Heritage-led urban regeneration (IA)
Demonstrating innovative nature-based solutions in cities (a) Demonstrating innovative nature-based solutions for climate and water resilience in cities (IA)
Demonstrating innovative nature-based solutions in cities (b) Nature-based solutions for inclusive urban regeneration (IA)


Yavor Profirov
Association for Development of Mountain Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria
Zonnedallaan 43
1930 Zaventem
Phone: 0475915668
Organisation: societal stakeholder (local authority, hospital, school, NGO)

Responsible NCP